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Weekend Warrior Kayaking Tours
There is no better kayay destination on the East coast then the HAMPTONS! From the Montauk lighthouse to Mecox Bay in South Hampton, the East End of Long Island is a paddler's paradise! There are limitless paddling options from open water crossings to Gardiners Island to a placid nature tour on a secluded pond. Once on the water, paddlers can chose from: clam bakes, nature tours, fitness paddles, chidrens treasure hunts, fishing trips or anything else that comes to mind! Whether a novice or a pro, one person or sixty, Weekend Warrior Tours will organize the trip of your DREAMS!

Give your youngsters the opportunity to experience the outdoors in a safe, comfortable, and fun environment with our specially designed Kids Tours. Appropriate for children of all ages, Kids Tours use special, sit-on-top equipment intended to enhance the stability of the kayak. Children will be taught the basics of kayaking as well as essential safety skills, and will have the opportunity to learn as they paddle through calm areas of the bay. Tandems will be available for children who desire the support of a guide in the kayak with them. Kids of all ages will enjoy this unique experience to learn or practice a new sport while surrounded by other children and experienced guides.

Enhance your child’s kayaking experience with the KIDS CLAMBAKE, consisting of the basic Kids Tour with an added bonus: a fully catered clambake prepared on the beach for kids to enjoy before concluding their trip.

Weekend Warrior Tours will be happy to arrange a private tour for a group of any size. We will cater to your specific requests as to area, intensity level, distance, and type of tour. Whether you want to leisurely explore the bay for an hour or spend all day paddling through strong currants in the open sea, our experienced guides will accommodate your every request. We will spend time with you in advance planning your tour so as to guarantee it is everything and anything you could possibly desire!

Private, small group, or large group lessons are also available as a way to refine skills and develop a greater sense of comfort on the kayak. Beginners will be taught a wide spectrum of techniques for efficient, safe, and comfortable paddling. More experienced kayakers will have the opportunity to both refine basic skills and learn paddling and rescue techniques necessary for longer and more challenging trips. Our experienced guides will strengthen and enhance your skills, leaving you comfortable and prepared to enjoy various future kayaking endeavors!


Why let the fish come to you? When you can paddle to the fish! Weekend warrior tours will guide you to some of the best fishing spots on long island. We provide all equipment, tackle, and refreshments to make your fishing trip comfortable and fun! Book now and don't miss out on the abundant fluke in gardiners bay!

Whether new to the sport or an old veteran, you’ll be sure to enjoy this paddle through the bay. Guides will cater to each individual’s level of experience and comfort in the kayak. Upon request guides will split up the group to accommodate various levels and desired intensity/distance. After a leisurly paddle, the group will reconvene for a fully catered clambake prepared and served on the beach. You will return home feeling satisfied with your physical exertion and rewarded by delicious local seafood!

Tours generally last between two and three hours including the clambake.

Learn basic skills and improve kayaking techniques while surrounded by the diverse and beautiful wildlife of the East End. Our experienced guides will take you through channels and inlets known for their lush floral growth and untouched beauty. An exciting way to experience nature’s splendor firsthand. Perfect for all levels!

Tours generally last two hours.


Come try the newest paddle craze! Work on your balance, technique, and strength while exploring the beautiful east end water ways! We provide equipment and guides to make it easy for you to get right on the water! Book a lesson or tour today!

Spend the morning exploring the bays of Long Island from the unique vantage point of the kayak. First-time and beginner kayakers will be taught the basic skills and techniques necessary to becoming comfortable in the kayak while paddling across the bay and along the shoreline. More experienced kayakers will have the opportunity (tides and weather permitting) to paddle longer distances and even venture out into the open seas. After an hour or two of paddling, the group will stop on the beach to enjoy a fully prepared brunch before returning to the shore. Guaranteed to be a rewarding and exciting experience for all!

Tours generally last between two and three hours including brunch.

Enjoy a relaxing afternoon of paddling through the bay with guides available to accommodate your desired intensity, speed, and distance. Spend between one and two hours kayaking before returning to the beach, where you will have the opportunity to watch the beautiful sunset while enjoying an array of prepared cocktails of your choice. Sure beats a crowded bar!

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